Frequently Asked Questions

(Based on actual questions from parents; we welcome all questions, please submit yours through our feedback form)

What is the Jean Tyson Child Development Student Center?

We are a licensed 12-month child care program accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). We enroll children eight weeks to five-years-old or entering kindergarten. Our hours of operation are weekdays from 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. 

NAEYC is a professional membership organization that works to promote high-quality early learning for all young children, birth through age eight, by connecting early childhood practice, policy and research. It advances a diverse, dynamic early childhood profession and support all who care for, educate and work on behalf of young children.

In what age group would my child be enrolled?

Children are enrolled in classrooms based on their age by August 1.  For example, a child would need to be 3 years old on or before August 1 to enroll in a preschool classroom.

  • Infants: 8 weeks
  • 1s and 2s: 12 months
  • 2s and 3s: 24 months
  • Preschool:  3 years

What is the size of the classes and how many teachers are in each room?

Two educators are hired for each room.

Classroom Age group

Number of Children enrolled per classroom

Licensing Required Staff/child ratio

JTCDSC ratios are maintained at, or below, NAEYC recommendations

Infants 8 weeks to 12 months




Young Toddlers 12 months to 24 months



1:8 if the youngest is 18 months or older


Older Toddlers:

24 months to 36 months



1:12 if youngest child is 30 months or older



3 to 5 years or leave for kindergarten


1:12- youngest is 3

1:15- youngest is 4

1:18- youngest is 5



What makes the JTCDSC different from other child care programs and facilities?

Being accredited by NAEYC means we maintain practices that are recommended in the field and go beyond the minimum requirements for child care facilities. One example is adult/child ratios. We also value the relationship children develop with their peers and caregivers, and use a continuity of care model that keeps our infants/toddler groups with the same children, and hopefully the same educators, for up to three years. When children transition, or enter, our preschool classrooms, they stay with the same preschool educators for up to two years. We also use a play-based emergent curriculum model that emphasizes developmentally appropriate responses to individual children.

Will my child move classrooms throughout the year?

Children enrolled in infant classrooms remain in the same room with the same children until the end of their second school year. The entire class transitions together to our twos/threes classrooms. Children enrolled in twos/threes transition to preschool classrooms at the beginning of the school year, and remain in that classroom until they leave our program. If children are transitioning to a new classroom, or moving to preschool, we do that at the beginning of the school year.

Does the center stay open all year?

We are open year-round, but do schedule closings for professional development, parent/teacher conferences, year-end reset and holidays. Families are provided a school calendar at the beginning of each school year.

Do you close for inclement weather?

If the University of Arkansas closes for inclement weather, the center closes. If the University has a delayed opening, we open 30 minutes before the University. If the University is closing early, we close 30 minutes after.

How much is tuition?

Monthly tuition (2020-21) for full-time students is $980 for infants, and ages one-two; $935 for ages two-three; $905 for ages three-five; and $555 for half-day children ages three-five. There is also a $200 enrollment fee and $150 semester fees (September, January, June).

How is tuition billed? 

A flat monthly tuition is invoiced and sent through email with a link to pay online. If other arrangements are needed, families can make them with the Executive Director of Business and Operations.

Is there a waitlist?

We do have a waitlist. We encourage families to get on the waitlist as soon as possible. There is no cost or obligation for being added. Once families are on the list, they remain until there is an opening.

Do I need to take a tour before being added to the waitlist?

We recommend families take a tour of the facility prior to being placed on the waiting list or enrolling. Facility tours are scheduled Monday and Wednesday mornings. To schedule a tour, contact the Executive Director of Education Programs at 479-575-7482 or by email at