Infant and Toddler Program

For Children:

The children participate in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor experiences that foster the development of the whole child. We provide choices for children and plan activities for each child to be successful as well as challenged. A feeling of competency is encouraged.

Children explore, manipulate, predict, test, compare and discover. Because of the plethora of research showing the first three years of life to be crucial years for optimal brain development, the Infant/Toddler program plays an important role in supporting early development and training students who will work with children.

With smaller group sizes and highly educated, experienced and committed teachers, the Infant/Toddler program provides consistency in the crucial first three years where caring relationships are vitally important.

For U of A Students:

The laboratory is an active teaching facility, where U of A students can work directly with children age eight weeks to three years. Students learn basic elements of observation, plan and conduct curriculum, and evaluate programs. Child development theory comes to life in a model setting.

Questions about enrollment? 

Shelley McNally, Executive Director of Education Programs

(479) 575-6288