Preschool Program

For the Children:

  • We see each child as a unique individual. Our goal is to provide opportunities for children to grow and develop in all areas of self: social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative. We provide choices for children and plan activities for each child to be successful as well as challenged. A feeling of competency is encouraged.
    • Indoor and outdoor learning centers offer social, language, math, science, music and creative arts experiences. Children explore, manipulate, predict, test, compare, discover and evaluate.
  • The program we pursue is geared toward helping the child develop habits of observing, questioning and listening. The program fosters personal awareness of feelings and promotes positive and pro-social behaviors. It gives children an awareness of their right to express those feelings by channeling them into acceptable means of expression. Child-directed opportunities in the program allow children to utilize their intellectual and creative abilities now. These opportunities also give children practice in solving problems for future learning tasks.
  • Positive guidance and adult modeling of these behaviors help children develop authentic self-esteem. The program provides children with enjoyable and engaging experiences while learning in a developmentally appropriate environment.

For U of A Students:

Teachers facilitate children's experiences and opportunities that encourage responsibility, caring for others, investigation, self-regulation and problem-solving skills.

Questions about enrollment? 

Shelley McNally, Executive Director of Education Programs

(479) 575-6288